Job Development Services for Employers

What is Job Development?

Job Development is about helping people find jobs and employers find employees

Job Developers match the right applicant to the right employer

  • Increasing Demand for Job Development
    • Current and increasing labour market shortages result in challenges for business in recruiting the right employees
    • Cost and time of recruiting draws more resources than available for most companies
    Our Job Matching and Placement Services can save you time and money by:
    • Providing recruitment assistance with access to web postings and Centre job posting services
    • Identifying and pre-screening suitable candidates
    • Facilitating hiring incentives
    • Assisting in developing training plans
    • Providing ongoing follow-up and support in identifying and resolving workplace issues
    • Supporting job retention by monitoring and coaching participants on the job
    • Access to interviewing rooms at CNC
    • Assistance with designing and conducting business and job specific interviews

Job Board

Wishing to post a part or full-time position for your company or business? Contact our Centre and our staff can post your position on our highly visible and utilized Job Board.

Simply click here to download the job posting form, fill out the information and email it back to or print and fax it to our office at 250-997-7219.

As part of our service to employers we can collect resumes for your specific job postings which you can either pick up or can be faxed to you. Are you interested in hiring individuals that may require work experience or training? Our Centre has information regarding Targeted Wage Subsidy Programs that provides financial incentives to employers.

Hiring Incentives Available to BC Employers

Wage Subsidy Program

  • Provides employers with financial assistance towards wages of E.I. eligible* individuals whom they hire.
  • The program encourages employers to hire eligible individuals whom they would not normally hire in the absence of a subsidy.
  • For more information contact:

Job Creation Partnerships

  • An employment program that supports projects that provide E.I. eligible* individuals with meaningful work experience to help them obtain on-going employment
  • Program Objective: to provide participants with work experience and additional skills to add to their resume, increasing their chances of successfully finding long-term employment.
  • Projects should benefit the participant, community and the local economy; however, the primary focus must be on helping the participant.
  • Income support is available to participants while on the project.
  • For more information:

Labour Market Partnerships

  • An employment program that provides financial assistance to organizations to encourage, support and facilitate labour force adjustments and human resource planning activities which are in the public interest. It funds projects that encourage and support employers and communities in developing and implementing strategies for dealing with labour force adjustments and meeting human resource requirements.
  • For more information:

Federal Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit

  • The AJCTC is a non-refundable tax credit equal to 10% of the eligible salaries and wages payable to eligible apprentices. The maximum credit an employer can claim is $2,000 per year for each eligible apprentice. If your business hires an "eligible apprentice", you qualify to claim the credit.
  • For more information:

Websites of Interest for BC Employers

Small Business BC

  • Thorough and comprehensive site for info and resources to BC's small business community

Work BC

  • A comprehensive site for businesses including information on:
    • Business Development
    • H.R. Resource Guide
    • Finding and Keeping Workers
    • Workplace Regulations